About Dr. Sam Shay, DC

Dr Sam Shay

For over 12 years I suffered severe insomnia, digestion problems, and mystery fatigue. I was unable to cope with even mild stress, used coffee to stay awake, craved salt, suffered terrible low moods, and became addicted to sugar & video games.

Doctors told me my problems were in my head and nobody took me seriously. The irony is I came from a medical family, with both my parents and my grandfather being medical doctors. I was encouraged to get on medication and put on a high-carb, low-fat diet that was full of gluten and processed foods, all because orthodox medicine taught them that natural food was insignificant to overall health. Thankfully real, whole-foods nutrition is becoming more mainstream, yet back then, it was considered ‘alternative’.

Though destined to be the 3rd generation medical doctor, I decided to take a different route and devoted my life to natural medicine to heal myself and become a truly multi-disciplinary clinician to better help patients with the most complex of health mysteries. Along the journey, I became an unique blend of disciplines: acupuncturist, chiropractor, functional neurologist (specialised training in nervous system conditions and chronic pain), Fitgenes practitioner (advanced genetic testing), a whole-foods health coach, and teaching naturopathic principles for over 17 years.
Ten Pillars of HealthThough this long journey, I discovered I had severe adrenal fatigue triggered by a multitude of factors. Just like I noticed from treating chronically ill patients, I had the same 10 factors, or “Pillars of Health” that were common among patients with chronic illness, regardless if it were adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, or other chronic issues. I noticed a common pattern: 100% of my chronically ill patients had at least 7 out of 10 of these “Pillars of Health” that were ‘crumbling’ under the pressure , which is why they have not gotten the results they wanted when trying out different individual therapies or protocols.

My approach includes a meticulous examination of your history and symptoms, looking through the lens of the 10 Pillars of Health, including functional testing (such as advanced genetic testing, adrenal testing, thyroid test, liver function test, allergy testing, etc.) to investigate, identify, and give you the simplest and most effective ways to solve your health mystery and reclaim your energy and your life.

If you have struggled with mystery fatigue or mystery pain, there is still hope for your health. Even if your doctors, alternative health care professionals, friends, and even your family have given up on you, there is still hope. Please contact me today to see if I can help you solve your health mystery.

Qualifications & Experience

Dr. Sam Shay, DC, DACNB, FACFN, PGDip(Acu)

  • Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Functional Neurologist, Online Adrenal Fatigue Coach, Video Game Addiction Coach, Whole Foods Coach, Certified Fitgenes Practitioner.
  • Founder of www.TenPointWellness.com – a cutting edge health blog that teaches you how to MacGyver your health, using low-tech tools with high-payoff.
  • Author of:
  • Curator of www.TheWorkOnlineCourse.com – Dr. Shay’s unique, online approach to learn The Work of Byron Katie.
  • Creator of www.EndAdrenalFatigue.com – a unique self-directed online course to reclaim your energy and end adrenal fatigue.
  • Creator of www.FlourishOutOfAddiction.com – a unique self-directed online course to reverse your addiction, whether it’s food, sugar, video games, smoking, or otherwise.

If you understand the Ten Pillars of Health, then the pursuit for optimal health becomes much simpler, quicker, cheaper, and low-tech…and you don’t have to look like a health weirdo.”

Dr. Harry Shay Speaking

A portrait of Sam’s grandfather, Dr. Harry Shay, MD, author of over 300 scientific articles and founding director of the Fels Cancer Institute in Philadelphia in 1937.

Since the age of 6, stemming from his parents extremely stressful divorce, Sam struggled with a whole host of chronic health issues, most easily categorized as severe adrenal fatigue, including severe insomnia, digestion problems, severe fatigue, inability to cope with stress, sugar cravings, salt cravings, low moods, and requiring coffee each morning (even at age 6). Sam coped with the stress by developing a strong addiction to video games. Whenever he wasn’t studying, Sam would play for hours and hours. Learn more about his struggle here:

Sam was supposed to be the 3rd generation medical doctor in his family, including his grandfather and both his parents. Both his father and grandfather have also published in the medical field. However, Sam left the pursuit of western medicine when he realized western medicine failed to address the root causes.

For the past 17 years, Sam has devoted his life to health and science, learning how to heal himself through natural medicine. He now applies those same principles to his patients in the clinic and to his coaching clients online. Sam educated himself in natural medicine through multiple means, including three bachelor degrees, a doctorate in chiropractic, a post-doctoral diplomate from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, a fellowship in the American College of Functional Neurology, and a post-graduate diploma in traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Degrees aside, Dr. Sam Shay also spent thousands of hours in post-doctoral training, cross-training amongst a broad spectrum of topics, including neurology, Chinese medicine, physiology, nutrition, rehabilitation, injury correction, myofascial technique, high intensity exercise, and functional medicine. Most importantly, Dr. Sam Shay vetted his techniques and health principles through clinical experience treating real patients either face-to-face or health coaching online. Dr. Shay’s biggest passion is to teach these health principles to a wider audience.

The word “Doctor” is a derivation of the Latin verb “to teach”. Sam, like his father and grandfather, takes that responsibility to teach very seriously. Sam consistently educates his colleagues, his patients, and the public on how to get healthier naturally. A passionate and devoted teacher, Dr. Sam Shay has taught in multiple capacities for over 10 years, including consistently being of service to his classmates and school by being a tutor, a mentor to newer students, class note taker, teaching assistant, nutrition club presenter, and guest lecturer in nutrition classes and wellness classes throughout his academic career. He was also a National Board Review instructor of basic sciences, clinical sciences, and X-ray analysis for Chiropractors in the USA.

Dr. Sam Shay has also spoken at formal integrative medical conferences, informal health festivals, and lay lectures to the public. His current teaching endeavor is to reach a wider, global audience through digital publication and online education. If your would like Dr. Sam Shay to speak at your next conference, please click here.

Dr. Sam Shay Speaking

Formal teaching: Dr. Shay lecturing at the Australasian Integrative Medical Association (AIMA) conference in New Zealand in May of 2013 on the best exercise for cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Shay developed the Ten Points of Wellness™ from treating a small army of female patients in their 30s-50s with multiple chronic diseases/symptoms including combinations of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, hypothyroidism, depression, anxiety, food addiction, sugar cravings, intestinal/digestive problems, and/or autoimmune diseases. These were the same women who were kicked from one clinician to the next and rejected by both the western medical system, the ‘alternative’ medical system, and even their own family and friends because of their unending, seemingly unsolvable health problems. Through extensive case history and examination, Dr. Shay realized that 100% of all these women with chronic disease had a minimum of 7 out of 10 of the Points of Wellness™  way off point. This explained why these women got such marginal or temporary results with all other treatments because most other treatments or clinicians only focused on 1-3, maybe 5 of these Points of Wellness™, but never all 10 at the same time. These women finally experienced relief by addressing all Ten Points of Wellness™ simultaneously by implementing Dr. Shay’s simple, quick, cheap, low-tech, and most effective strategies.

Informal teaching: Dr. Shay teaching Ten Point Wellness™ at Luminate Festival, Feb 2013 in Canaan Downs, NZ.

Dr. Shay now helps those that suffer with Adrenal Fatigue and related stress disorders by offering his Ten Point Wellness™ coaching program online. The onlineTen Point Wellness™ program teaches the same cutting edge, yet low-tech strategies developed by Dr. Shay to help those suffering with chronic issues who have not yet found simple strategies with lasting results. To get a free “Adrenal Fatigue Breakthrough Session” with Dr. Shay, fill out the survey here.

Sam also overcame a 25+ year video game addiction and now coaches individuals how reduce and eliminate excessive video gaming, including:

  • Problem gamers: get your free “Video Game Addiction Breakthrough” session. Just apply here: bit.ly/GameLessLiveMore
    • Adults age ~25 to 40 who want to game less so they can date more and live more.
    • Adults in relationships age ~25 to 40 who want to game less so they can love more.
    • Executives and small business owners who want to game less so they can earn more.
  • Friends, Family, and other support for problem gamers: get your free “Stop Their Gaming Addiction” session. Just apply here: bit.ly/HelpThemGameLess
    • School organizations and non-profits who want children to game less so they (the children) can learn more.
    • Parents who want to help their children game less so they (the children) can study more, sleep more, and engage more.
    • Spouses, partners, and family of problem gamers to provide the best support to help their loved ones.

This health blog is for global education and outreach. To learn more about getting help from Dr. Shay in locally in Wellington, NZ, go to his NZ-specific website:www.stressclinic.org.nz.


Fitgenes Certification course
www.Fitgenes.com, Auckland, NZ, 2016

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Acupuncture
Auckland University of Technology Post Graduate Program, Auckland, NZ. 2013

Fellow American College of Functional Neurology
American College of Functional Neurology, Cape Canaveral, FL, USA. 2010

Diplomate American Chiropractic Neurology Board
American Chiropractic Neurology Board, Temple, TX, USA. 2009

Doctorate of Chiropractic (Honors: Summa Cum Laude)
Teaching Assistant in anatomy labs and/or neuroscience labs 2005 – 2007
Taught “Art of Test Taking/Art of Study” to incoming students 2005 – 2008
Parker University (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic), Dallas, TX, USA. 2008

Bachelor of Science: Health & Wellness
Parker University (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic), Dallas, TX, USA. 2008

Bachelor of Science: Human Anatomy
Parker University (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic), Dallas, TX, USA. 2008

Bachelor of Arts: Psychosomatic Medicine. Minor: Communications and Rhetoric
Honors: 4.00 GPA. Highest Honors. College Service Award. Thesis Honors. College Honors.
Manager of organic kitchen Coop for ~2.5 years using Weston A. Price Nutritional foundation.
Class note taker for disabled and injured students.
University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC), Santa Cruz, CA, USA. 2003

Certified Massage Practitioner (C.M.P.), Holistic Health Practitioner (H.H.P.)
UCSC Holistic Health Program, Santa Cruz, CA, USA. 2001                      

BrainGym® Consultant/Instructor
Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Ventura, CA, USA. 2000

Selected Talks (chronologically ordered)

If you would like Dr. Shay to be your next speaker click here

“Solving the mystery of pain/numbness/weakness in the hands and fingers”
Business Network International – Capital City Group, Wellington, NZ, Sept 13, 2016.

“Reclaim your energy and End adrenal fatigue”
Go Green Expo, Auckland, NZ. August 14, 2016

“Quit Sugar cravings & the “Eat to Cope” cycle”
Go Green Expo, Auckland, NZ. August 13, 2016

“Quit food cravings & the “eat to cope” cycle”
Green Living Expo, Auckland, NZ. July 3, 2016

“Reclaim your energy and End adrenal fatigue”
Green Living Expo, Auckland, NZ. July 2, 2016

“Easy Weight Loss and Detox”
Go Green Expo, Auckland, NZ. April 17, 2016

“The Adrenal Fatigue & Menopause Connection”
Go Green Expo, Auckland, NZ. April 16, 2016

“A Holistic Approach to Addiction”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ. Jan 1, 2016.

Turn Stress Into Freedom”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ. Dec 31, 2015.

“Video games and adrenal fatigue”
Reset Me with Dr. C podcast, interviewed by Dr. Alan Christian. Nov 15, 2015. iTunes link to podcast here.

“The Importance of Breakfast”
Weston A. Price meeting – Hamilton branch, Hamilton, NZ. Oct 31, 2015

“Chronic stress, brain imbalance, and adrenal fatigue”
Food as Medicine Podcast, interviewed by Dr. Anh Nguyen. Oct 27, 2015. iTunes link to podcast here.

“Easy Weight loss and Detox”
Natural Health Expo, Hamilton, Oct 18, 2015

The Adrenal Fatigue & Menopause Connection
Natural Health Expo, Hamilton, Oct 17, 2015

“Supporting Crohns and Colitis naturally through diet, decreasing intestinal inflammation, the brain-gut connection, and Acupuncture.”
Crohns and Colitis Support Group, Hamilton, NZ. Sept 12, 2015

“The 5 main sources of bio-toxic estrogen (xeno-estrogens)”
Weston A. Price meeting – Hamilton branch, Hamilton, NZ. Jun 27, 2015

“A holistic way to reverse Fibromyalgia/ME: The Adrenal Fatigue connection”
ME/CFS Group Hamilton, Hamilton, NZ. Apr 9, 2015

How to reverse Adrenal Fatigue”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ. April 5, 2015.

“The 21st century Holistic Health paradigm: The Ten Points of Wellness™ & The Work of Byron Katie”
One Light Gathering, Taupo, NZ. Feb 7th, 2015.

Hormone Rebalancing”
Luminate Festival, Canaan Downs, NZ. Feb 2nd, 2015

“Nutritional Anthropology”
Luminate Festival, Canaan Downs, NZ. Feb 1st, 2015

“The Work of Byron Katie”
Luminate Festival, Canaan Downs, NZ. Jan 31st, 2015
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ. April 6, 2015

Luminate Festival, Canaan Downs, NZ. Jan 30th, 2015

“How to get well without becoming a health weirdo or going broke.”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ. Dec 31, 2014.

“The Wobbly Patient: How to easily treat poor balance.”
Chiro night out, Tauranga, NZ, November 12th, 2014

“Emotional Eating/Sugar Cravings – A Holistic Approach.”
Natural Health Expo, Hamilton, NZ, October 19th, 2014

“How to eat local, clean, and cheap in NZ.”
Natural Health Expo, Hamilton, NZ, October 18th, 2014

“Aging, Brain, Balance & Health Care: New research on improving balance and brain health in the elderly.”
GreyPower meeting, Hamilton, NZ, September 29th, 2014

“How to reclaim your Body, Mind, and Bliss without becoming a health weirdo.”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, April 21, 2014
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, Dec 31, 2014

“The Work of Byron Katie – Introduction and How to do ‘The Work’”
Natural Bodylink Clinic patient education evening. Jun 25, 2014
Cobden House, Hamilton, NZ. October 8, 2014
Sacred Balance clinic patient education evening. Dec 10, 2014

“A Holistic Approach to Video Game Addiction”
Women’s Lifestyle Expo, Hamilton, NZ, May 17, 2014
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, April 21, 2014

“A Holistic Approach to Addiction”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, April 20, 2014
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, Jan 1st & 2nd, 2015
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, Apr 4, 2015

“Anthropology of Nutrition: Weston A. Price’s Research on Indigenous Cultures.”
Weston A. Price Foundation, Hamilton Chapter, Hamilton, NZ, March 8, 2014

Reclaim your hormones, reclaim your life: How to reduce fatigue, cravings, low moods, and pain with this simple morning routine.”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, January 02, 2014

“The Best Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease”
 Australasia Integrative Medical Association (AIMA), Auckland, NZ, May 18, 2013 

“Corporate/Office Wellness – Stress, Brain, and Sleep”
Hewlett-Packard Wellington headquarters, Wellington, NZ, July 10, 2013

“The Physical Body”, “The Chemical Body”, “The Mental/Emotional Body” 3-lecture series
Luminate Festival, Canaan Downs, NZ, February 2013

“Epigenetics & Health: What you can do now to get healthier”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, New Years December-January 2012-13

“Yoga 2.0: Why certain postures and principles are unsafe today.”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, New Years December-January 2012-13

“9 Common Causes of Chronic Disease and what to do about them.”
Prana Festival, Coromandel, NZ, New Years December-January 2012-13

“Epigenetics in Chronic Disease and Wellness”
Australasia Integrative Medical Association (AIMA), Auckland, NZ, April 28, 2012

BrainGym® 101 Seminars
Santa Cruz, CA, USA, June 20-22, 2001 & December 6-8, 2002