How Is Dr. Sam Shay, DC Different?

Dr. Shay uses functional testing and functional health assessments to get to the root of your health problem. He uses Nutripath pathology testing to check for adrenal health, gut health, mitochondrial health, liver health, Fitgenes genetic testing for optimal diet and inflammatory pathways, food intolerances, and other tests.

Dr. Shay uses an in-depth assessment tool called the “10 Pillars of Health” which he personally developed working with patients struggling with mystery fatigue, chronic pain, hormone imbalance, and gut health issues.

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My story (in brief):

  • Have you been to a multitude of clinicians and gotten nowhere?
  • Do you find yourself saying “I’ve tried everything”?
  • Are you sick of 5-10 minute ‘drive-by’ appointments?
  • Are you trying to avoid surgery, drugs or ‘stab in the dark’ methods?
  • Have you been told “this is your life now”, “toughen up”, “you’re just getting older” or “stop complaining”?

Me too. I know what it’s like to struggle with mystery fatigue and chronic health issues. For many years, I suffered with severe insomnia, digestive problems, and debilitating fatigue. I couldn’t cope with even mild stress, I suffered terrible low moods, used coffee to keep awake, and became addicted to video games and sugar just to cope.

Doctors told me my problems were in my head and nobody took me seriously. The irony is I came from a medical family, with both my parents and my grandfather being medical doctors. I was encouraged to use medication and was put on a high-carb, low-fat diet that was full of gluten and processed foods, all because orthodox medicine taught them that natural food was insignificant to overall health.

I decided to take a different route and devoted my life to natural medicine to heal myself and become a truly multi-disciplinary clinician to better help patients with the most complex of health mysteries.

To best serve my patients, I became an unique blend of disciplines: acupuncturist, chiropractor, functional neurologist, Fitgenes practitioner, and whole-foods health coach, studying and teaching naturopathic principles for over 17 years.

After a long journey, I found out I had severe adrenal fatigue triggered by a multitude of factors, specifically 10 factors or “Pillars of Health” that were crumbling. In fact, I noticed that 100% of my chronically ill patients had at least 7 out of 10 of these Pillars of Health crumbling, which is why they had not gotten the results they wanted when trying out different individual therapies or protocols.

My approach includes a meticulous examination of your history and symptoms, looking through the lens of the 10 Pillars of Health, including functional testing (such as advanced genetic testing) to investigate, identify, and give you the simplest and most effective ways to solve your health mystery and reclaim your life.

There is still hope, even if your doctors, alternative health care professionals, friends, and even your family have given up on you. Even if you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, please know there is hope.