Pain, Numbness, Cold, Tingling or Weakness

Hand PainNOTE: Because Dr. Shay is not currently in NZ due to the illness of a family member, he is unable to do hands-on services for these issues. He can help using functional medicine to find and address the global effects of inflammation, hormone disruption (adrenal), hidden infections, and underlying genetics that contribute to inflammation load that may add to the pain, numbness, cold, tingling, and/or weakness. To set up a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss the functional health, click here.

Pain, numbness, cold, tingling or weakness in the hands, arms, feet or other parts of the body can bring your life to a halt and is often misdiagnosed and mistreated, leading to years of pain and frustration.

My personal experience with chronic health problems from a young age, combined with my qualifications and experience as an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor and Functional Neurologist give me a unique ability to investigate, diagnose and treat the most elusive function problems.

Conditions I can help with include…

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome can cause severe pain, numbness and tingling in the arms which often becomes all consuming. Surgery is often prescribed but also often avoidable with the right treatment.

My unique blend of Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Functional Neurology skills have turned out to be an ideal combination for helping people who suffer from this debilitating affliction.

Pain or numbness in whole hand

While it is possible to have both Ulnar Neuropathy AND Median Neuropathy at the same time, whole hand problems are more likely to be caused by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Surgery free treatment options include acupuncture, myofascial techniques, adjusting the joints, biomechanics and reducing inflamation.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How to treat pain in thumb and 1st 2 1/2 fingers – carpal tunnel – pronater teres syndrome

Pain in thumb and 1st 2 1/2 fingers

Learn the true causes of carpal tunnel, pronator teres syndrome, and what to do about them without drugs and surgery. You can avoid unnecessary surgery.

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Ulnar Neuropathy

How to treat pain, cold, numbness in the pinky and ring finger – ulnar neuropathy, cubital tunnel

Pain or numbness in pinky or ring finger

Learn more about the true causes of ulnar neuropathy, canal of Guyon syndrome, and cubital tunnel syndrome and how to treat them without drugs or surgery.

Surgery free treatment options include acupuncture, myofascial techniques, adjusting the joints, biomechanics and reducing inflammation.

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