[UPDATE 2019: My father is unwell and I am outside of New Zealand at the moment. I help people via Telemedicine/Telecoaching with functional medicine and functional testing. All test kits and nutrients (adrenal, gut, mitochondria, genetics, etc) are drop-shipped anywhere in NZ from Napier. All consults are done via telecoaching. To book a free 15-minute discovery call, go to]

Dr. Sam Shay is duel-licensed as both an acupuncturist and chiropractor, with additional certification in functional neurology and as a Fitgenes Practitioner.

Get the time and attention you deserve: A capable and caring clinician, Dr. Shay gives approximately 1-hour appointment to his patients, giving them the time and attention they deserve to receive comprehensive care.

Dr. Shay typically helps several kinds of cases: 

  1. Fatigue (morning fatigue, 3pm energy crash)
  2. Insomnia
  3. Sugar cravings, blood sugar control.
  4. Hormone imbalance
  5. Gut issues
  6. Other stress-related issues, chronic diseases
  7. Supervised detoxification/cleanses
  8. Addiction cessation (sugar, food, screens, video games, and other behavioral addictions)

If you have any of the above, an initial appointment with Dr. Shay may be right for you. Dr. Shay is very thorough and detailed with his patient’s care and they should expect one of the best initial assessments they’ve ever had about their health concerns. 

  • To book an appointment, please click the button on the upper right to book in a 15-min chat (no charge) to see if this type of clinic is right for you. or go to