Functional testing

Confused by ‘natural medicine’? Not know how to apply it to your life in an easy, straight-forward, and effective manner? Get my ebook, “Biohack your Biohacking“, which explains the 10 Pillars of Health: A true guide to natural medicine. You’ll learn the 10 Pillars of Health and simple strategies you can implement now, as well as learn the different functional tests that may be right for you. 

Available Functional tests that Dr. Shay can run for you (test kits drop shipped to you if you live in NZ, AUS, USA, Canada, Europe + UK): 

  • Hormones: Thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones.
  • Genetics: Health & Wellbeing Profile, CarbChoice, Vitamin D Profile, FoodChoice 
  • Gut health: For hidden infections, digestion markers, and inflammation.
  • Food intolerances: Certain foods may trigger inflammation and immune responses in you.
  • Mitochondria/Energy: Comprehensive mitochondria tests that also checks for neurotransmitter metabolites, brain inflammation, and liver pathways. 

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Dr. Shay does ‘telemedicine’, a much simpler and more convenient way for you to get the custom approach to your health & wellbeing. Consults are done over the phone or video conference, so no more need to drive through traffic, pay for parking, or hire a babysitter. For an overview of functional testing and the 10 Pillars of Health, watch this video: