The Health & Wellbeing Panel will determine what your ‘genetic weight loss type” is and help you lose the weight based on your genes. Do you put on:

  • Inflammatory weight?
  • Hormonal weight?
  • Caloric weight?

CarbChoice & Foodchoice discussion begins at this timestamp.

FoodChoice offers a critical assessment of the 5 most ubiquitous foodstuffs of modern times and helps you determine if they are safe for you:

  1. Are you at risk for gluten sensitivity or celiac disease?
  2. Can you digest lactose in dairy?
  3. Are you at risk of alcoholism or at risk for the ‘alcohol flush’?
  4. Does caffeine induce anxiety and/or depression in you?
  5. Are you genetically at risk for salt increasing blood pressure?

Foodchoice will help you get the clarity you need to make the right choices.

CarbChoice will help you determine your optimal diet:

  • Are you a keto, paleo, mediterranean, or high carb?
  • Learn the strategies to allow you to temporarily have higher carbs if your carb tolerance is low.