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Prior Events

Genetically test for your optimal diet.

Go Green ExpoGo Green Expo, 11:00am Saturday 12 November & 10:30am Sunday 13 November

Confused about diet? Tried multiple different diets and just gotten more frustrated and overwhelmed? Tried gluten-free but still have fatigued and indigestion? Tried paleo but still lethargic? Tried vegetarian but always hungry? Eliminate the guesswork and get genetically tested for your diet. This test can change your life.

Join me at the Go Green Expo – Reclaim your Energy, Reverse Adrenal Fatigue

Go Green ExpoGo Green Expo, 4:15pm Saturday 12 November & 3:30pm Sunday 13 November

Want to wake up feeling refreshed with consistent energy throughout the day? Tired of waking up exhausted (no matter how much sleep you have), only to reach for sugar and stimulants throughout the day? Gaining more stubborn belly fat? Learn how to quickly, easily, and holistically reclaim your energy and drop body fat at this practical and entertaining session.

Join me at the Go Green Expo

How to determine your unique diet by Dr. Sam Shay


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