How Is Functional Testing with Dr. Shay using the 10 Pillars of Health Different?

First, Dr. Shay has been through his own harrowing health journey, struggling in his past with severe fatigue, gut problems, chronic pain, low mood, severe insomnia, hidden gut infections, toxic exposure, and and hormone (adrenal) disruption. You’ll work with someone that has been there and compassionately and skillfully guide you through your journey. Additionally, Dr. Shay is an expert “Biohacker”, a term for someone who finds the most important and most easy-to-implement health strategies to get you feeling better as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort and overwhelm.

Second, Dr. Shay has developed a unique system called the “10 Pillars of Health”, a revolutionary methodology to assess all the pivotal areas of health. Get Dr. Shay’s free ebook on the 10 Pillars and Biohacking here. The 10 Pillars of Health were developed from working with severely ill clients

* Pillar #1: Brain & Hormone systems: Adrenals, Thyroid, Xeno-estrogen exposure.
* Pillar #2: Bowel and digestion: Your gut health, chewing, digestion, bowel function.
* Pillar #3: Body and genetics: Old/chronic injuries, genetics
* Pillar #4: Burst exercise and movement: Do you exercise too much, too little, or the wrong type?
* Pillar #5: Bio-toxins and inflammation: Toxic exposures, heavy metals, pesticides, off-gassing, inflammatory foods
* Pillar #6: Bio-nutrients, diet, and supplements: Identify Nutritional deficiency, poor quality food, inferior quality supplements
* Pillar #7: Breakfast, habits, and routines: Do you skip breakfast or have other bad routines in the morning or evening?
* Pillar #8: Bothers and stressors: Chronic and acute stress, clutter, overwhelm, anxiety, relationship stress, work stress, family stress?
* Pillar #9: Bugs, hidden infections, and mould: Infections (mould, parasites, old glandular fever, H. Pylori) & beneficial bacterial balance
* Pillar #10: Bedtime and sleep: Sleep disruption, insomnia, waking between 1-4am each night, snoring, shift work, or other sleep problems.

* If you’re not getting better after seeing lots of other practitioners or trying lots of other protocols or products, it’s likely better because you may not been properly evaluated in a truly holistic way, covering all 10 if the Pillars of Health. Working with me, you’ll discover which ‘pillars’ have been crumbling and you’ll receive a straightforward set of recommendations to rebuild those pillars.

Third, Dr. Shay uses advanced functional testing (hormones, gut, mitochondria, genetics, food intolerances, detox pathways, brain inflammation) to check which underlying biochemical pathways have been stressed or thrown off course. The benefits of functional testing are that you can finally get a truly custom-made diet, nutritional, and supplement program specifically tailored to your unique health goals.

Functional testing is best used after assessing the 10 Pillars of Health. Functional testing identifies how your body has been adapting to the crumbling pillars and which organ systems need nutritional support

  • [Upper left]: When the “Pillars” crumble due to bad lifestyle choices or bad circumstances, the body has 1-4 adaptive responses (inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, free radicals, and/or tissue breakdown), leading to…
  • [Upper right]: Chronic adaptation, which ultimately damages 1-3 of the body’s main systems (neuroendocrine, gut metabolism, and liver detoxification), leading to…
  • [Lower right]: A Breakdown of body systems of the neuroendocrine/hormone system, the gut/GI, and/or the liver/detox system. This then creates…
  • [Lower left] Symptoms, leading people to cope with their symptoms with with bad lifestyle choices, which restarts the cycle.

How to end the cycle: Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call to see if you’re qualified to participate in Dr. Shay’s comprehensive approach of the 10 Pillars of Health and functional testing to meet to your health and wellness goals.


  1. Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call
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