Book a Consult (2 options):

Fitgenes DNA genetics testing

  • In-person at the Wellington Clinic, or
  • By phone/Skype-audio if you are outside Wellington or international.

How It Works

  1. We’ll have a quick 15 minute chat via phone or skype-audio at no charge to evaluate if I can help solve your health mystery.
  2. We’ll book an initial 1-hour appointment.
  3. You’ll complete a comprehensive online survey ahead of time, which I will review in detail prior to your appointment, so we can get started right away at your initial 1-hour consult.

Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Consult: “How we can achieve your health goals”

As the Health Detective, I know everyone has unique health care needs, requiring different approaches. Some people may need further functional or genetic tests, others don’t. Some people need to change their diets a lot, others very little. Each person receives a unique plan specific to their health goals and needs.