Book a Consult (2 options):

Fitgenes DNA genetics testing

  • In-person at the Wellington Clinic, or
  • By phone/Skype-audio if you are outside Wellington.

How It Works

  1. We’ll have a quick 15 minute chat via phone or skype-audio at no charge to evaluate if I can help solve your health mystery.
  2. We’ll book an initial 1-hour appointment.
  3. You’ll complete a comprehensive online survey ahead of time, which I will review in detail prior to your appointment, so we can get started right away at your initial 1-hour consult.

Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Consult: “How we can achieve your health goals”

Everyone has unique health care needs, requiring different approaches. Some people may need further functional or genetic tests, others don’t. Some people need to change their diets a lot, others very little. Each person receives a unique plan specific to their health goals and needs.